This is not therapy. 

This work will not get you to be who you think you need to be.

This work will not help you fit into societal expectations.

This work  not diagnose you along clinical lines. 

This is a spiritual journey. 

You will go beyond your beliefs, beyond what you've been taught through a lifetime of conditioning.

You will go beyond adherence to social expectations and norms.

You will go beyond the idea that there could ever be anything wrong with you.

Working with me is a commitment and investment in yourself. Our work together will bring you a life of relationships that work for you, starting with the relationships within you. 

This is the path of surrender. 

Through this gentle and gradual process, you will come to a deep understanding, and approval for yourself, and a durable alliance and allegiance to yourself and your needs.

Want a Sample?

You can begin this journey by scheduling book a breakthrough session.

Choose a 30 or 60 minute session to zero in on your systems of thinking and belief and reframe your narrative from the point of view of your inner genius.