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Framework and Follow School

Leadership courses, move over. It's time for Follow School.

Leading is not the only role with power, and when we only value leading and leaders, we cheat ourselves of the full spectrum of the power available to us in each moment. 

Follow School is NOT about teaching you to only be a follower--it instructs you on the power and agency available in this role, which you can choose in any moment it feels right for you. 

Follow School is about rounding out your toolkit, in romantic relationship and beyond, to show up to what a moment contains. Follow School is about accepting and playing with the offerings of the moment to be at peace in any process.

Follow School will empower you with personal responsibility in relationships and life to create art of your circumstances.  

And Follow School rests on the foundation laid by Framework. 

Framework is about taking responsibility for yourself before, during, and after relationships, having reasonable expectations of others and strategies of self nourishment. Framework offers ways to face existential truths of human experience which can gunk up our relationships if we aren't watching closely. 

Framework offers perspective on Inner Union, Sovereignty, Strength, and Nourishment so that you're your best self in relationships with others. 

What you'll get in this limited-time offer:

  • Framework Online Course
  • Follow School Online Course
  • FREE Membership to the Devotional Living Community

Follow School is written through the lens of speaking to women about romantic partnership with men. This course can serve identities and relationships of all flavors, as it is rooted in energetics more than gender roles. 

*Follow School uses strong language and sexual themes.*