Learn Devotional Love THROUGH Devotional Love. 

A lot of coaches and mentors will tell you that their work will help anyone who is truly willing to put in the effort to change themselves and their habits. 

Respectfully, that's not what is on offer here. 

This is pure ease.

As my clients bring me their stories, challenges, and beingness, I offer them my LOVE. Through their receiving of that offering, they learn to offer love to themselves and those around them. 

We walk together to explore the inner world with loving understanding, finding freedom in acceptance and empowerment in personal responsibility. We grieve what is unloving, impossible, insatiable, and unfair, and all that causes us to withhold our love. 



12 weeks, 3 months, one quarter, one season--dip your toes, shift a situationship or short term partnership, revolutionize the way you show up to dating, or FINALLY integrate all those pesky boundaries that are still eluding you.

A container of this length will produce one cycle of healing and integration, usually in 1-3 related areas of life.



Six months, half a year, one hundred and eighty days--this is the gateway to deep transformation. A container of this length produces more than one cycle of growth and healing. This time allows us to witness transformation ripple into unexpected realms. This is support to tend the gentle integration of new systems while holding space for the grief of releasing the old and finally receiving what you've always desired. 



A full year, a full cycle, four seasons of you, loved in every shape you make, every mood you take, every habit you break, every claim you stake. Investment of this time and resource has the potential to redirect the trajectory of your life, offer you meaning, gravity, purpose, and clarity. You will install and integrate many new systems and tune small details to produce huge changes. It will feel good the whole time. 


*prices listed reflect packages paid-in-full. payment plans are available and may represent a significant cost increase, specifically on longer-term containers*


6 Month Mentorship Client

Working with Hannah completely changed my life. After years of struggling on my own, I was stuck in what felt like a complete dead end; Hannah, amongst so many other things, helped me tease out what was mine and what was others, what my true standards are, and this allowed me to get back to a place where I was able to receive love again. I can now say with confidence that while my life is not painless, because that's impossible, a lot of the noise that would cause that pain has been removed; and I can say that I feel at peace with every one of my decisions, because while I can't always control or predict their consequences, I know that they uphold my standards for the way I treat others as much as they honor who I am and what I want out of life. Working with Hannah helped me find this fine thread inside myself.

6 Month Mentorship Client

Working with Hannah has been life-changing for me. I've done many years of CBT/therapy and originally questioned taking on coaching as well... so so so glad I did. Our sessions are incredibly powerful for tapping into new perspectives and growth I haven't accessed anywhere else in healing work. Hannah helps me plunge the depths and enjoy beauty & triumphs. She supports such gentleness and self-love and acceptance of all parts, which enables potent evolution, healing, presence, and peace in my experience of life. 10/10 recommend.

6 Month Mentorship Client

Working with Hannah is a dream. I've never felt so accepted and empowered to be and embrace exactly who I am. The progress I've made in the last 6 months is incredible, and it wouldn't have been possible without her support and encouragement. I can't recommend her highly enough!

6 Month Mentorship Client

Hannah sees through my stories of not good enough or not being whole. She holds a safe space for those stories to be seen and heard, but she does not confuse those stories of lack with the truth that I am enough, that I am whole. Even if the stories desperately try to contradict that truth. I am beginning to see in myself what she has seen in me all along. I am enough. I am whole.

Devotional Love

Codependency has too long masqueraded as devotion. But Devotional Love is twice removed from codependency. Codependency heals when we cultivate the skills of having clean transactional relationships. This is where we learn our sovereignty, learn to get all of our needs met, and learn to respect boundaries and desires in ourselves and others. 

Only when we have a solid practice of clean relational transaction are we capable of maintaining a non-negotiable standard of nourishment. 

This is when we have the opportunity to operate in Devotional Love. Whereas codependency relies on emotional manipulation, and transaction is secured by guarantees of needs being met, Devotional Love has only the security of Intimacy to offer us. That we may be present in this moment, present with this person, and that the presence is the only goal. 

Existential Pain 

Living in Devotion is all about acceptance, about living in the positive, which is what IS, not what is "good" or "right" or "fun."

In the positivity of Devotional Love, we recognize that pain is part of our human experience. We learn to manage pain through presence and emotional expression to better love our loved ones. 

Pain is guaranteed, if I believe that I can prevent it, I suffer. If I assign it to a problem in my relationships, conflict is guaranteed. 

In order to be in harmony with the circumstances of life, in order to have playful peace in my relationships, I must have a system for understanding and meeting existential pain.