Freedom in Savagery

Mar 14, 2023

A frequent comment about my work is that I'm uplifting without the "toxic positivity."   

Yeah, bruh.  

The core of my work is a burning, painful, savage acceptance of grief.

Life is not safe.
Life is not fair.
Grief is guaranteed.
There is inevitable bloodshed.
Death is guaranteed.
Life is not guaranteed.
Human desire is insatiable.
Human minds are compelled to categorize and form value judgements and attach to delusions.
Shit happens, and shit hurts.
Control is not available.  

We are all limited.   

In light of these savage realities, how shall I choose to live?   

When I accept these savage realities, what is there left to fight?   

I KNOW I will hurt, which means I don't have to dread the beauty. I KNOW I will lose, so I don't have to resist having. I get to decide the conditions under which I experience pain, I do not get to opt out of pain.  

I choose my relationship to the inevitable savagery of life, and that is what makes me free. There is no correct relationship, there is only right-relationship, relationship I am right with being in.