Ending War

Apr 06, 2023

Tyranny has anchored us in the idea that we need to engage with war. Much of our understanding of how to be in the world is about this warriorship--toughness, obeying orders, protecting, preventing, fighting, winning, power-over, dominion, control, metrics of production, output, and result.

This is antithetical to nature, unsustainable, and we can see fractals of its collapse all around us.

My work is brand new, ancient, fresh, older than time, "aha!" but also "duh," because it is anchored in Devotional Love, which enfolds systems of war in its arms, a larger whole.

It is in an orbit beyond fear and threat, a threshold of responsibility inaccessible via routes of blame.

It is the savage reality of accepting the truth that nothing is or can be wrong with what is happening.

This puts me, leaves me, keeps me, in INTIMATE CONNECTION with the world.

In war, we are unwilling to connect with the pain of the world. Production at war with scarcity. Outcome at war with what has been. We narrow our ability to connect down to what feels good, and spend the bulk of our energy fighting the wrongness. There's a sense of rarity to the rightness and goodness, a sense of valor in earning it, a sense of grit in going without.

In Devotional Love, all the same things are true about the world. Sometimes I am hungry, and I simply ache. Sometimes I am torn asunder and I simply bleed. I stay in loving relationship with what is. What happens and how it lands for me.

Here it is. What else IS? How will I spend my time and energy in my one and only life?